Where to telecommute with kids in tow

It’s all fun and games for the kiddos when school gets called off because of the snow, but what are parents to do when they still have to work? Michelle McNally from Indy with Kids is no stranger to the struggle between work and family when a snow day or school delay is called. And what about those holidays that kids get but working parents don’t? Michelle has hunted and searched for places where her kids can play when she has work that needs to be finished, and she’s sharing her findings with us! Here are some of her favorite places to telecommute:

For the teeny ones (preschool age)

The Urban Chalkboard is paradise for moms and dads who can work from a laptop. Parent-child play is encouraged but not mandatory. Planned activities and free play areas are perfect for preschoolers and toddlers.InfoFor the school aged ones

Monkey Joe’s (in Castleton and the Southside of Indianapolis) is a great place for kids to burn some energy while parents get things done. Admission to Monkey Joe’s isn’t timed, so you can stay for as long as you kids can jump.

Bounce U has 2 hour bounce sessions. Each bounce stadium has seating off the to side with wifi for parents to watch tv, read or work.Info

The two Skyzone locations (in Plainfield and Fishers) are a great options, especially for older kids. Referees (employees) man every trampoline station. Parents can log onto the free wi-fi during their bounce sessions.Info

Trader’s Point in Whitestown has an indoor play area. With tables available next to the play area, it’s a great place to get things done while the kids are having fun.InfoOther places

Don’t forget about the fast food restaurants that have indoor play areas and generally have free wifi.

Your local library is likely to have free WiFi, a workspace and a children’s literary section.

For more ideas and locations for kids to play while parents work and some warm weather/outdoor options, check out Indy with Kids: