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Wild Wednesday with a kinkajou

Wild Wednesdays with Silly Safaris

On today’s “Wild Wednesdays with Silly Safaris” we’re hanging out with a kinkajou, those curious, fruit-loving rascals.

Join Amazon John, the founder of Silly Safaris, and Meerkat Mel, the wildlife handler, as they team up with Patty to unravel the mysteries of these fascinating creatures.

Discover if kinkajous are related to raccoons, where they can be found in the wild, how they make use of their unique tails, and why those big eyes make them such adept nocturnal creatures.

Plus, explore the question of whether kinkajous can make good pets.

It’s a wild and informative adventure you won’t want to miss! Would you bring a kinkajou home? Take a look and find out!