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WonderLab debuts new exhibit Hidden Life of Deserts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — We had our first ever blue tongued skink on Indy Style today! Mooch is an animal ambassador from WondeLab in Bloomington, Indiana. Mooch and Samantha Couch, WonderLab’s animal exhibits manager, joined us today to tell us more about their newest exhibit Hidden Life of Desserts.

Lizards like Mooch are typically found on the Eastern coast of Australia. He just turned 17 years old, and just like many other teenagers, he is not a morning lizard!

Couch also brought an activity called “Blubber Gloves” to teach us about adaptations. Amber and Randy put plastic bags filled with shortening on their hands and slipped them into a bowl of cold water! This is meant to demonstrate how marine mammals have blubber to keep them warm and help them adapt to their cold environments!

WonderLab has many other exhibits for families to enjoy, including SandScapes and the Augmented Reality Sandbox that is reopening after being closed for nearly two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

You can find out more about WonderLab here.