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Workouts for kids with Firefighter Tim

Joining the show is Tim Griffin, also known as “Firefighter Tim,” along with his daughter Amelia. Tim is an experienced firefighter and fitness enthusiast, and Amelia, who is 12 years old, has been actively doing workouts at home. They joined us to demonstrate quick and engaging workouts that are suitable for kids, helping them build strength and confidence.

Tim and Amelia showcased exercises that can be easily performed at home, making fitness accessible and fun for children. By engaging in these workouts, kids can develop their physical abilities and boost their self-assurance.

Tim’s expertise as a firefighter and commitment to fitness make him the perfect guide for kids and parents looking to incorporate exercise into their daily routines. Stay tuned to learn valuable tips and techniques from “Firefighter Tim” and his daughter Amelia to help your kids stay fit and active.