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‘World’s largest invention competition’ prepares to come to Indy

Make48 is a 48-hour competition where teams are presented with a challenge and tasked to build a physical prototype, create a sales sheet, produce a 1-minute marketing video and pitch their big idea to a panel of judges. Alex Bandar with Machyne at 16 Tech Innovation District joined us today with all the details. Here’s more from him:

Beginning Thursday, September 23 until Saturday, September 25, Make48 will host the competition at Machyne, a 21st century makerspace located within the 16 Tech Innovation District in downtown Indianapolis. With access to expert tool technicians and high-tech equipment, competing teams will have the power to build almost anything.

For this challenge, collaboration is the key to success. Many people have big ideas but few possess the resources to develop a prototype that turns them into reality. To build anything, different skills, materials and equipment must work together to create a final product.

In partnership with 16 Tech and Machyne, Make48 allows this process to be achieved with a fun, fast-paced, and educational event. First place team wins $2000 and advances to the nationals in March 2022.

16 Tech Innovation District is a 50-acre live-work-innovate community in downtown Indianapolis. Innovators and entrepreneurs in the fields of life sciences, advanced manufacturing and technology come together to channel their combined creative energy to power Central Indiana’s future economic growth. Machyne, the makerspace at 16 Tech, provides the support, resources and tools needed to bring big those ideas to life. 

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