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Yosha Law Firm attorneys treat clients like family

Yosha Law Firm treats you like family because they’re family!

Buddy Yosha and his son Brandon Yosha joined us today to share how they go the extra mile to assure that their clients receive justice.

The vast majority of personal injury cases in Indiana do not go to trial. They settle well before that, either during pre-trial negotiations, in the early stages of litigation, at mediation, or even on the steps of the courthouse moments before trial begins. That said, this reality does not diminish the importance of hiring a lawyer with extensive trial experience. In fact, it is one of the most important considerations when determining the value of your case.

Having trial experience helps personal injury clients get the best settlement possible because the insurance carriers and defense attorneys know that you will not settle your clients’ cases for cheap or at a discount.

At Yosha Cook & Tisch we strictly advocate for people rather than corporations. We treat every case we accept as if it could proceed to a jury trial. Our firm is equipped to battle toe to toe with the largest corporations to take your case the distance if necessary.

In 2020, Yosha Cook & Tisch obtained the 12th largest jury verdict in America for their clients.

The settlement offer was $50,000 to settle before trial and the jury verdict was $12.3 million.

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