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500 Festival Parade back after two year hiatus

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The 500 Festival parade will start at noon on Pennsylvania Street in front of the American Legion Mall.

It’s the first year the parade will be back after a two year hiatus due to COVID-19.

“I think just the anxiety of what it’s going to be like coming back, getting used to putting in-person events again is something the teams have had to adjust to, and remembering some of the things we did before,” Lindsay Labas said. Labas is the Vice President of marketing and communications for the 500 Festival.

She said there will be 14 marching bands, six floats, two helium balloons, and celebrity guest appearances.

After a two year gap, Labas and staff for the festival said they are prepared for the huge crowd that’s expected.

“I mean, it’s been two years. We’ve had that gap in time of thinking and remembering those to do lists. But it’s fun and exciting and were really excited to get everyone downtown,” explained Labas. “We’re expecting roughly 200,000 attendees for the parade.”

Tickets for the parade are $25 and can be purchased here.

“There’s reserved seating in bleachers around the course,” Labas said.

The parade starts at Pennsylvania Street, it will head south to Washington and up north on Meridian and Monument Circle, ending at the corner of North and Illinois.