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Gov. Holcomb: “The Indy 500 feels better than Christmas”

SPEEDWAY, Ind (WISH) — Wearing a blazer styled as a checkered flag, there may be no one as ready for the Indianapolis 500 as Governor Eric Holcomb.

News 8’s Drew Blair sat down with Governor Holcomb prior to the race to voice the race’s significance to fans here in Indiana and across the world. Sharing the pride of the race is just one aspect Governor Holcomb is looking forward to.

“We’re open to full capacity for the first time in three years, and to be able to share this — not just pride — but this rich Hoosier tradition…There’s so many international drivers and so there’s folks watching from all over the world. The place has never looked better. We deserve this,” said Holcomb.

The atmosphere seems to be specially tailored for here at home in Indiana.

“To be able to see this on full display — all of the pageantry — to be able to honor the veterans who served us on this Memorial Day weekend. It’s a pretty, pretty special time. There’s no better place to do this than in Indiana.” said Holcomb.

With all the pageantry, Holcomb’s favorite moment may just be the iconic flyover.

“When that flyover occurs and if you’re not tearing up or flat out crying…I want to talk to you because this is emotional and you just feel so proud to not just be here, but why we’re here, and we’re doing it this year together.” said Holcomb.

Having the College Football Playoff in Indianapolis earlier this year, plus McLaren planning to build a new IndyCar facility in Whitestown, Indiana is proving it can serve as a hub for the sports world.