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IMPD confident in public safety plans leading up to race day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is ready for any situation that could trigger a law enforcement response when the Indianapolis Motor Speedway fills up with hundreds of thousands of fans on race day.

“We have a high level of confidence because of our relationships with not only our federal, state, and local partners, but the good work that IMS is doing with their security precautions inside,” said Joshua Barker, the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Deputy Chief of Operations.

Since the Indianapolis 500 is a yearly event, IMPD has plans from years past to look back on to help keep the event running smoothly this year.

“IMPD is just so ingrained in what that plan looks like over just decades of historical perspective on how to do that,” Barker said.

IMPD partners with other agencies to keep race fans safe.

“We’re constantly working with our intel-gathering partners with other jurisdictions at the state and local level,” Barker said. “We’re always looking at what types of large-scale incidents are happening at other venues to make sure that while I have a high level of confidence in the plans we have in place for the Indy 500 and the other events, is there something that I can learn from other jurisdictions?”

There will be police out in full force to help direct traffic and change traffic patterns on race day.

“You’re going to see several hundred IMPD officers in and around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. That’s in addition to Speedway police, other state police partners, IMS personnel, fire, and EMS,” Barker said.

“There’s going to be a large public safety presence in and around the track.”

IMPD is monitoring for any public safety threats towards race weekend.

“There is no information leading up to this race that gives us any pause for concern that we’re going to have anything other than a great race weekend,” Barker said.

There will also be a strong police presence at the events leading up to race day to keep fans safe all weekend. There will still be the same amount of coverage in the rest of the city on race day because police will be working overtime.

IMPD encourages all fans to come with a plan, including the route to get in and out of Speedway and a designated driver, if alcohol is involved.