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IndyCar Driver, Sage Karam sharing past memories and ramping up for the big race Sunday

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — 9th year IndyCar veteran Sage Karam is ready to take home a win from the Indianapolis 500.

Karam spoke with News 8 about his memories he has experienced at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“I feel like you were able to watch me grow up here at the Speedway from my first year; being a high school senior, having a little mini prom here. To now, being this is my ninth start, it’s been a heck of a journey and one that I’ll cherish forever. You know going into my ninth I think it’s the most prepared and the most confident I am going into Indy 500; so looking forward to it,” Karam said.

Karam had a busy morning ramping up to the the big race.

“It’s a really really good group of drivers this year. I think it’s probably the best competitive Indy 500 I’ve ever been a part of, and I truly believe anybody here can win today, and it’s going to come down to who’s got a lot of luck today, who’s got the right strategy, who’s got the best car. I’m feeling really confident with what we have here and finished seventh last year. Starting a few spots more forward this year and hopefully that translates into the old finish position today.

Watch the video above to see his full interview.