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The word on Main Street in Speedway before Indianapolis 500: ‘Excited’

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WISH) — The Indianapolis 500 is Sunday, but fans have already been racing to the town of Speedway in May.

Some business owners told News 8 their stores have been filled with customers, and sales have been soaring. People on Main Street told News 8 how excited they are, and how good it feels to see people out and about.

On Main Street, shoppers can find the Three Sisters and a Trunk boutique. Marie Hall, 81, opened the store eight years ago. “It’s so good to have people back on Main Street. It’s so good to see people smiling and having a good time.”

Look around the store, and shoppers will notice all the clothing with the black-and-white checkered pattern of the finish-line race flag. “I’m doing black and white year round. You can come in and buy checkered in April and you can come in in November,” Hall said.

Hall told News 8 that everybody, including her was affected earlier in the coronavirus pandemic last year. But, they hung in there and took care of each other. In fact, in doing her books, she’s probably at 2019 business figures, almost at normal.

“It feels great. It feels great! It feels like Christmas in May!” Hall said.

Her store on Thursday had plenty of customers looking for racing-inspired items. Lisa Stiffler, a customer, said, “So, we got new checkered bracelets, and I got a ring and I got a shirt.”

Outside the boutique, downtown Speedway visitors can see and feel happiness. Angel Davis, a server at Tacos & Tequila on Main told News 8 the restaurant launched a new menu earlier this month ahead of the race. She said everyone in the restaurant is looking forward to the weekend; it’s the glue that puts it all together. In fact, the store is not usually open on Sundays, but will be during the race.

Davis said, “I’m pretty excited! This is my first year serving on Main Street during the race, and I know, after the past year, that everybody is so excited about having this time. Actually, being able to have people back in here.”

Others are Main Street shared their enthusiasm. “So excited! Two years we’ve waited for it to come back!” said Julie Gottsche, of Speedway.

“It’s exciting! I’ve been a race fan ever since I got the opportunity to go several years ago,” said Jerry Cary, of Avon.

“l haven’t missed a race in 23 years except last year. So, it feels great to be back in Speedway,” said Trish Crowe, of Jupiter, Florida.


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