Majority Leader McConnell talks tax reform ahead of Trump trip to Indiana

WASHINGTON (Nexstar) - President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence will be in Indiana Thursday to talk about tax reform as the nation prepares for midterm elections. 

Republicans are campaigning on the new tax law ahead of the elections this fall, as Republican Mike Braun tries to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly.

Ahead of the visit, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “You can’t talk about it (tax reform) enough.”

McConnell called tax reform an “extraordinary accomplishment” that he believes is working for people in Indiana, Kentucky and across the country.

“We’re taking money out of Washington and putting it back in the pockets of individuals and companies. You’re seeing announcement after announcement after announcement of pay raises, bonuses,” McConnell said.

Critics insist the new tax law primarily benefits corporations because the corporate tax cuts are permanent while the individual cuts are temporary.

There has been talk about the possibility of a tax reform "phase 2" to make the individual cuts permanent. McConnell said that “would be terrific.”

“If we could make some of the tax relief, that we could not make permanent, permanent, I'd be all for that. If we had 60 votes -- which is what it would require in the Senate to accomplish that -- we would turn to it and approve it,” McConnell said.

The measure would need 60 votes to pass, meaning Democratic senators would have to get on board. That will likely be a tough sell because there are even some Republicans who might be worried about adding to the deficit.

McConnell, who is from Kentucky, said he shared the concerns of many Indiana and Kentucky farmers who are worried a trade war could cancel out any tax reform benefits. He said he's urging the President to be careful as he considers tariffs and trade deals.

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