Man crashes car into building, still keeps his haircut appointment

NILES, Ill. (CNN) - A man in Illinois really didn't want to miss his haircut appointment.

He accidentally crashed his car into a deli next door to a hair salon in Niles, Illinois on Wednesday. But he kept his appointment, walking in straight from the crash scene. 

Police and firefighters were looking for him while he was getting his haircut. 

He did finally talk to police after his trim was done. The hair salon owner says he acted like it was a routine trip to the stylist. 

"He came in like nothing and sat down for his appointment and when he finally told the barber that oh yeah, that was his car, he had his insurance, and he didn't want to miss his haircut appointment," said June Saraceno, hair salon owner. "That's why he left it as it was."

No one was injured in the crash. 

However, a deli employee was shaken up about it. 

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