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14-year-old dying of cancer sells bracelets to survive

ANGOLA, Ind. (WANE) – A 14-year-old girl from Angola is dying from a rare form of cancer, but she has launched a bracelet fundraiser that will help her pay for treatment in hopes of making her life the best it can be.

Since Olivia Stoy’s insurance won’t pay for her bone marrow transplant, the cost of the procedure is $950,000. The hospital has made a deal with her that if she can pay up front, they’ll only charge $350,000.

This is where designer Emily Bryan comes in. She is the owner of Emily Kai, an accessories business in Fort Wayne. She offered Stoy the opportunity to design a bracelet that she can sell on her website as a fundraiser for her treatment. 

“Olivia is a very special girl,” Bryan said. “She’s very sweet, very sensible, very strong. She has always maintained a smile on her face through everything, even when I was at Riley Children’s Hospital visiting her after a chemo treatment. It was very fun to see her excitement in designing.”

Stoy realizes that if she doesn’t get a bone marrow transplant next month, she’s unlikely to survive t lymphoblastic lymphoma. She was diagnosed in May of 2016.

In the bracelet Bryan and Stoy have designed, called Lava Liv, are lava stones as strong as the 14-year-old’s heart. Essential oils can be put on them that diffuse when you wear them.

The bracelet also has turquoise amazonite, bamboo coral stone, moonstones and a gold band that represents childhood cancer.

Stoy is confident they can reach the $350,000 goal with the bracelet saleGoFundMe campaign and live part fundraisers they’re hosting.

“I know that we’ll reach it and I’m just so thankful for what everyone’s doing,” Stoy said. “I’m looking forward to just being more active and just getting back to the life that I had.” 

A life of softball, basketball, bike rides and family fun. One where she can continue raising her voice for cancer’s cure.

“I hope that everyone that gets a bracelet enjoys it and feels strong and confident while wearing it,” she said.

The bracelets are available for sale now on the Emily Kai website. There’s also a GoFundMe campaign for those that simply want to donate money.