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3 arrested in Indy-based counterfeiting scheme

BLOOMINGTON (WISH) — Three people have been arrested in connection with a Bloomington counterfeiting scheme.

Police say two people purchased items using $20 bills at a Steak’n Shake restaurant in Bloomington on Sept. 12.

When a third person attempted to purchase the same item with a $20 bill, a restaurant employee got suspicious and noticed the money was fake.

After being told the money was counterfeit, the suspects left the restaurant. The employee noted a description of the vehicle and called police.

The vehicle was stopped and all three suspects were transported to the police station.

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The suspects were identified as Suzanne R. Allen, 41, Simon P. Allen, 35, and Diego M. Diez, 18.

Fake bills along with receipts for small transactions were found inside the vehicle.

Detectives discovered that the counterfeit $20 bills were being printed in a hotel room at the Shadeland Inn in Indianapolis. All three suspects were living in this hotel room, according to police.

Police say the three used counterfeit money at a number of businesses over the past six weeks, including locations in Martinsville and Bloomington.

The total number of businesses to receive the fake bills is still under investigation.

Several uncut printed counterfeit bills were located inside the trunk of the vehicle.