#300in3 portraits taken for Hoosier history

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Ever wondered what future generations might look at for a reference of what it was like to live in 2015? The Indiana Historical Society plans to have plenty of references to offer after the weekend.

The #300in3 event, which actively ran from Friday through Sunday, was an open invitation to all Hoosiers to have their portraits taken by photographer Tom Stykowicz.

Hoosiers were invited to get their portraits taken, and in return, they were able to take a copy of the print home with them. Another copy was uploaded to the exhibit, and a third copy went into the IHS collection for posterity.

The event is in its second year. The first #300in3 event, held in 2014, was so successful that IHS decided to continue to offer the portraits until the Indiana Bicentennial in 2016.

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