4 fall victim after 3 robberies within 3 hours on the west side

IMPD investigating three armed robberies on west side

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Metropolitan police said they are looking for two suspects after four people fell victim to three robberies within three hours of each other on the west side early Thursday morning. 

The first reported robbery was at 1:46 a.m. Thursday, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report. Two men armed with handguns robbed two people right in front of their apartment in the 5100 block of Hillsboro Drive.

The second reported robbery was just two miles away in the 6300 block of Monarch Drive where the suspects pounced on their victim, 29-year-old Hugo Morales-Gutierrez at 3:09 a.m.

Morales-Gutierrez’s neighbor Adina Lucas translated what he said happened.

“When he (Morales-Gutierrez) was going to enter his house an African-American male attacked him and they tried to take something from him,” Lucas translated for Morales-Gutierrez. “He (the suspect) came out with a gun and pointed it at him…at his head.”

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Morales-Gutierrez said the suspects had been hiding in the bushes and when he went to open the front door they attacked him.

The suspects smashed his finger, pistol-whipped him and then took off with a phone, a wallet, credit cards and a couple hundred bucks in cash. Morales-Gutierrez said the suspects have already used his credit cards.

The third robbery was less than a mile down the street and right around the corner in the 3800 block of Bennett Drive. The suspects, according to a police report, showed up just after 4 Thursday morning.

Police are asking anyone with information to please call Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.