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5-year-old gets second chance at life after nearly drowning in pool

Adam Leeson, 5, of Cicero, nearly drowned in a pool a few days ago. The incident prompted his mother to warn others about pool safety. (Provided Photo/Leeson Family)

CICERO, Ind. (WISH) – Five-year-old Adam Leeson is getting a second chance at life after nearly drowning in a pool a few days ago.

His mother, Maribeth Leeson is sharing what happened in hopes of helping other parents.

“There was a ton of things going through my head a ton of things, but I don’t know how long things took, I don’t know if it took 10 seconds, I don’t know if it took 5 minutes,” Maribeth Leeson said.

Leeson said it all happened during a private pool party.

“There were a lot of adults there,” Mribeth mentioned. “Other adults were aware they’d gotten in. I thought, ‘oh I’m just gonna be a few minutes’ he was in the shallow end and I said to him, ‘hey stay in the shallow end I’m gonna get sissy’s swimsuit on her and then I’ll be right back over’ and I was 10 feet away.”

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Leeson said she turned around and noticed Adam floating in the water moments later.

“I started screaming that it was Adam and to get him out somebody got him out so fast. My friend Kristen ran over and immediately started CPR thank goodness that she knows CPR, was confident and was able to start it right away,” Leeson said.

Kristen Moon, a family friend who conducted CPR on Adam said he wasn’t breathing when she got to him.

“He was every color of death. He was gray, he was limp, he was purple, the blood vessels in his cheeks were already broken,” said Moon. “His eyes were swollen, his lips were blue…and when I checked for the pulse he had absolutely nothing, he was gone.”

Adam was revived and taken to the hospital. Fortunately, there were no complications. However Leeson said she blames herself for what happened.

“He (Adam) said I slipped off the edge. I was bouncing up and down and I was yelling for mommy, but you didn’t come and I was just dead and then I woke up and I was in the little house so he doesn’t remember all of the part in between that was the traumatic part, so thankfully he doesn’t remember that,” said Leeson.

Maribeth said she decided to share what happened in hopes of helping other parents avoid a similar experience by always keeping a close eye on children at the pool, even if they’re in the shallow end.

“The main sign of drowning is silent it is quiet, but if you see a child that’s underwater for more than 10 seconds you need to check on them even if it’s not your own kid, especially if it’s a young child,” Leeson said.

She said it’s very important to learn how to perform CPR.

“Do it for yourself do it for your little (ones), your family, your friends because you could be that difference between life and death,” added Moon.

Adam said he still wants to go swimming at the pool, but will always wait for mommy before he gets in.

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