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6 months after fatal Dollar General shooting, family begs for justice

6 months after fatal Dollar General shooting, family begs for justice

CUMBERLAND, Ind. (WISH) — It’s been 6 months since 37-year-old Gregory Raley died after a shooting at a Dollar General in Cumberland.

Two people were arrested in the case but Raley’s family members are expressing frustration about the process.

The shooting may have happened 6 months ago, but relatives say they still don’t have closure.

Family says Raley walked toward the Dollar General on Dec. 10 to check on his girlfriend inside when he saw some commotion. But when he got there, police believe a 14-year-old shot and killed him.

“Obviously the young man was scared,” Realey’s brother, Richard Raley said. “And I do understand how, but the why, I don’t understand.”

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Six months later, it remains unclear if the 14-year-old boy accused in the shooting will be waived to adult court. Mourning still, friends and family say they can’t rest until they say he gets what he deserves.

“It’s not getting any easier,” Richard Raley said. “As time goes on and without justice, you know, especially without that final sentence for that young man, it’s just a constant loop of different mixed emotions, you know?”

But Raley’s family members say the vigil isn’t just about asking for justice. It’s about remembering the good times.

“We’re just going to take and just basically celebrate the life of Gregory,” Richard Raley said. “He was an awesome guy. Best brother a man could have and just kind of remember him as he was.”

Raley’s family admits nothing that happens is going to be enough to make up for their loss, but they need the closure to be able to move on.

“Here by the end of summer, I’d really like to see the boy at least waived over to adult court and a sentence lengthy enough to change the young man’s life,” Richard Raley said. “One life isn’t no better than the other and it’s not going to change nothing, but I do believe he needs to pay for what he’s done.”

Family says the teenaged suspect will find out in September if he’ll be waived to adult court.