6-year-old helps grandma raise money for police dog

KNIGHTSTOWN, Ind. (WISH) — A 6-year old is doing her part to help the Knightstown Police Department get a police dog. 

Ella Thomson got some help from the community at her lemonade stand on Thursday.

“I put the ice in the cups; then I get the lemonade in there, and then I give it,” she explained. 

Ella’s grandmother, Denise Peacock, who lives in Knightstown, had been raising money for the department when Ella came to visit from out of state.

“She wanted to do a lemonade stand when she was visiting. She just happened to hear us talking about the fundraiser and getting community support,” said Peacock. 

Ella’s stand is about serving — both lemonade and her grandmother’s community. She insisted that the money go toward her grandma’s efforts.

“The big takeaway is giving is better than receiving. When you’re in a position, we need to give back to others,” said Peacock.

Knightstown Police Chief Chris Newkirk appreciates Ella’s efforts: “It means the world to myself and my officers. It’s great. It makes us feel great.”

The  department hasn’t had a police dog for several years, Newkirk said. 

“The police department had a K-9 in the past, which was very successful in trying to help us to remove drugs and drug dealers from the streets. That officer went to another department and that K-9 went with him,” said Chief Newkirk.

Chief Newkirk estimates it would cost around $12,000 to get a police dog and complete training of the dog and a handler. So far, the community has donated more than $2,000. One company offered to match the donations up to $6,000. 

“I get to help people,” said Thomson.

The lemonade stand was held for a few hours on Thursday. They’re hoping to raise cash, as well as dog food and supplies. If you’d like to help out, call the Knightstown Police Department at 765-345-2785.