6-year-old orders over $300 worth of toys on mom’s Amazon account

(News4Utah) – Children, you give them an inch…they take a mile.

A mother in Utah was surprised to learn her six-year-old little girl Caitlin had pulled a fast one on her.

Caitlin’s cousin Ria Diyaolu says it all started when Caitlin’s mom let her order a Barbie on Amazon for her birthday. 

Later on, Diyaolu says the girl asked her mom if she could get back on Amazon to check and see when the gift would arrive – at least that’s what she told her mom she was doing.

Caitlin had secretly ordered over $300 worth of toys on her mom’s Amazon account.

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Her mom found out the next day with the delivery. 

“My bad*** little cousin ordered $300 worth of toys w/o my aunt & uncle knowing,” she tweeted. “This is a picture of how everyone found out.”

According to Buzzfeed, everything except the Barbie is being sent back and Caitlyn is being punished.