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60 Indiana National Guard members deploy to Kuwait

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – More than 60 Indiana National Guard members from across the state will head overseas to help with the draw-down of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Leaders held a send-off ceremony in Shelbyville Sunday to thank the troops and their families for their service and sacrifice. From here, the citizen soldiers will head to Kuwait for about a year.

The man in charge says it takes a lot of training to get to this point.

“That’s what sets us apart from really most of the other militaries in the world is the amount of training we’re able to give our soldiers to prepare them to go on these kinds of missions,” said Lt. Col. Chuck Yingst with the U.S. Army

“Whatever comes at us we’ll hit with a positive attitude and take care of business,” said Sgt. John Freeman from Liberty, Ind.

The men and women on this mission are part of the assault helicopter battalion.

They’ll be moving troops around the battlefield, transporting supplies, and also escorting VIP’s.