8-year-old makes it his mission to hand out ‘blessing bags’ for the homeless

8-year-old makes ‘blessing bags’ for homeless

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — An 8-year-old boy from Fishers is helping those who can’t help themselves by creating what he calls “blessing bags” and passing them out to the homeless.

Maddox O’Connor has a heart of giving and he created Maddox’s Mission to help others in need. He said his passion to help the homeless goes deeper than one would ever think.

Maddox has mitochondrial disease, which is a rare form of muscular dystrophy, and he wants to help those who are also suffering.

“I know what it’s like to live in a world I didn’t ask for and they need love,” Maddox said.

The boy’s mother, Shawn O’Connor, said Maddox’s passion for helping the homeless started more than two years ago when he saw a homeless man standing outside of Riley Hospital for Children during one of his weekly visits to the hospital for his doctor’s appointments.

“On the way home he would see this homeless person and he started to be able to read their signs and that’s when it kind of dawned on him that they were standing outside and didn’t have anywhere else to go,” Shawn said.

One day Maddox gave the man a Nutella sandwich from his school and then he started bringing an extra lunch to his appointments. Later he noticed more people who needed help.

“He’d only pack one extra lunch and so that made him very sad and he was like ‘it’s not fair mommy everybody needs food I need to have enough food for everyone,'” said Shawn.

That’s when Maddox decided to start handing out the “blessing bags.” Inside the bags are food, water, mittens, a blanket and hygiene products.

A written note with affirmation is also included inside the bags.

“You are loved and you are important,” the note reads. “Jesus loves you and so does Maddox’s Misson.”

“It’s hard when you’re in that situation to remember that you’re not alone and that somebody out there really does love you and really does care about you,” said Shawn. “Maddox’s mission is praying for them every single day.”

Maddox told News 8 he plans to hand out 500 bags on December 7.

“We’re gonna buy more blessing bags for every homeless (person every) three months (each) year,” he said.

Click here to follow Maddox’s Mission and to learn how to donate to his cause.