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AAA unveils online driver’s ed course

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – AAA will now offer “How to Drive”, a new online driver-education course through their website.

Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) has approved the AAA online program that would provide an alternative to the 30-hour classroom course.

Greg Seiter, public affairs manager for AAA Hoosier Motor Club said, “Utilizing the latest traffic safety-based research and technology, the program delivers the rules and essential elements of safe driving in an interactive and innovative way.

The online course will allow those interested to log in and out of the website as needed, while saving their progress for later completion.

“How to Drive” will cost $79 for AAA members, and $89 for non-members. And behind-the-wheel training will involve an additional cost that would be available per individual provider.

AAA also offers a full year of membership to students complete their entire pre-license driver training through an AAA-approved school.

For more information on “How to Drive” or to participate, visit this website. For more about AAA Hoosier Motor Club, please visit their website.