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Adams, Wabash and Wells counties declare disaster emergencies

(WANE)- Heavy rain causing flooding in northeast Indiana has hit some areas harder than others. This has prompted some counties and cities to declare a disaster emergency.

According to 24-Hour News 8, sister station, WANE,while water levels are holding steady in Adams County, in both Decatur and Geneva there are also city disaster declarations. Decatur Mayor John Schultz said the water has gone down slightly. There have been 93,867 sandbags used, with 1,044 tons of sand.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence traveled to that area, along with Huntington and Wells counties. He met with first responders and surveyed the flooded areas.

“What I’m here today to really do is make sure [Indiana’s] Department of Homeland Security and other agencies of state govt are providing communities across northeastern Indiana with the resources in real time that they can mitigate any potential harm to the cities,” Pence told NewsChannel 15.

Pence’s first stop was in Decatur and then he went to Bluffton and Huntington County.

While in Huntington County, Pence was visited the J. Edward Roush Lake, which due to rain is reaching its capacity. The Army Corps of Engineers announced Friday it will be increasing the amount of water being released through the dam.

Another county closely watching its water level is Wabash County. It’s under an emergency declaration due to some roads being washed out. However, the river levels are receding.  Wells County is also under a disaster declaration.

Meanwhile in Allen, Huntington and Jay counties, no emergency declaration have been declared.  Water levels are receding in Jay County, and in Huntington water levels are holding steady.

Fort Wayne spokesperson John Perlich said the city is not anticipating a state of emergency. He said past flood projects and the work already being done has helped.