Alabama suffers damage from Hurricane Michael


MADRID,Ala. (WISH) – Florida wasn’t the only state to suffer damage due to Hurricane Michael.

Southeastern Alabama also received its fair share.

News 8’s Brittany Lewis was in Alabama where an extreme wind advisory was issued Wednesday afternoon.

Wind gusts were around 70 miles per hour and that caused a lot of damage. 

Fire department crews in the area  were getting call after call of downed trees but they were put on something called a non-emergency hold so they couldn’t really assess the damage until after the storm passed.

The really serious part of the storm lasted for about four hours Wednesday and when it was over there were downed trees everywhere.

Huge old trees blocking the majority of the streets in the town. Those firefighters used their chainsaws to remove the trees from at least part of the road. Several people where crews were working live in mobile homes and are on oxygen so they were really working hard to get at least one lane open so those people could get to a place with power. 

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