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10-year-old heads family company as Founder & CEO of ‘True Eden Beauty’

(Photo Provided/True Eden Beauty.)

True Eden Beauty is a remarkable kid-owned enterprise led by a team of five young entrepreneurs known as The Fearless Five. Leading the charge is the ten-year-old CEO, True Eden, who is dedicated to her personal growth journey, forging her path as a fearless businesswoman, and making a positive impact on society. Together, this young and dynamic team is driven by a shared mission to not only build and expand their business but also to uplift others along the way. True Eden is not only a budding entrepreneur but also a children’s book author, collaborating with her mother, Carlesa “LeLe,” to pen the inspiring book “Be True to You.” Their business extends beyond literature, as they offer a range of natural skincare products and merchandise designed to empower individuals, fostering a sense of self-confidence and inner strength.

To learn more about True Eden Beauty and The Fearless Five’s inspiring journey, you can visit their website at Through their dedication to personal growth, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, they are setting a shining example for young minds everywhere, demonstrating that age is no barrier to making a meaningful difference in the world.