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A healing journey births natural skincare line Miriam Be.

(Photo Provided/Celeste Black)

On today’s All Indiana, we’re introducing Miriam Be., an extraordinary skincare line with a profound purpose. Crafted with care and a deep understanding of holistic well-being, Miriam Be. offers a range of skincare products that are not only safe and healing but also stand as a testament to the power of self-care and self-esteem. More than just skin deep, Miriam Be. places a strong emphasis on nurturing mental, physical, and emotional health. The genesis of this remarkable brand traces back to a transformative period in the life of its creator, Miriam “Celeste” Black, who navigated the challenges of stage 3B breast cancer. Her personal journey through adversity served as the wellspring of inspiration for Miriam Be., driving the creation of products that promote wellness in its entirety.

Join us in a special conversation as Miriam “Celeste” Black, the visionary behind Miriam Be., graces our screens via Zoom. Miriam’s courageous battle with cancer and her subsequent triumph not only over the disease but over the limitations it attempted to impose, embodies the essence of resilience and strength. Through this virtual encounter, she will candidly share her experiences, recounting the moments that spurred her to embark on the path of creating Miriam Be. Amidst her struggles, the idea flourished – a skincare line that does more than enhance appearances, a line that uplifts the spirit and encourages the pursuit of complete well-being. Miriam’s narrative is one of transformation, and her presence promises to inspire as she articulates the profound synergy between her journey with cancer and the birth of a purpose-driven skincare line that is Miriam Be.