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Adele wants you to stop throwing things at concerts; Russel Crowe: Stop asking him about Gladiator 2…Is This Anything?

In a lively conversation, our friends at WIBC, Hammer & Nigel, joined us today to discuss two intriguing topics involving popular celebrities. Firstly, they will delve into Adele’s recent plea to concertgoers to refrain from throwing objects on stage. The singer addressed several incidents where objects were hurled towards her, resulting in injuries to fellow artists like Kelsea Ballerini and Bebe Rexha. Adele’s message, delivered with her characteristic candor, emphasized the importance of show etiquette and called for respect toward performers. The conversation will shed light on the consequences of such actions and the need for fans to exercise restraint during live shows.

Additionally, Hammer & Nigel will touch upon Russell Crowe’s plea for people to stop asking him about a potential sequel to the film “Gladiator.” At a film festival in the Czech Republic, Crowe clarified that he has no knowledge of the cast or the plot for Ridley Scott’s planned follow-up. Given that Crowe’s character met his demise in the original 2000 movie, he is not involved in the new production. The discussion will explore Crowe’s response to persistent inquiries about a sequel and his desire to move beyond the past work that defined his career.

Tune in for an engaging conversation that delves into the dynamics between celebrities and their fans!