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All Indiana Artist: Dawn Cooper

Today’s All Indiana Artist, Dawn Cooper, is a painter who specializes in acrylic works.

Her pieces will be on display Friday night, March 4th, at the Full Circle Nine Gallery in an exhibit titled “Le Studio Del La Luna.” That translates to “The Studio of the Moon.” Cooper says the title is fitting because she describes herself as an insomniac hippie artist who creates her work by the light of the moon.

She talked to “All Indiana” hosts Randall Newsome and Alexis Rogers about the inspiration behind her art and how she found a new way for fans to appreciate some of her work after feeling the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Watch the video for more.

Catch Cooper’s work during “First Friday” at the Full Circle Nine Gallery. It’s happening from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Admission and parking are free.

More About Dawn Cooper

A deadline-driven paralegal by day and an artist by night (well, always, really), Dawn Cooper feels a connection to the show title, “Le Studio de la Lune” (The Studio of the Moon), throughout many aspects of her life. Cooper describes herself as a “huge fan” of the Canadian band Rush whose recording studio is called “Le Studio,” and she will often listen to their philosophical tunes while creating. “La Lune” stems from Cooper’s other self-description as an insomniac hippie artist, a June Moon Child, creating her work by the light of the moon. There’s a bit of a resounding theme.

“I like to see the progression of my subjects,” Cooper said. “I kind of see where I was in my head when I look at the older stuff. I like the lightness of my newer stuff. It’s proof that life is good and getting better and I can just let my whimsy fly.”

“Stop and smell the roses. That’s my purpose in art. I want my work to be something that takes you away from reality and your deadlines and lets you…Just be. It’s a Zen thing. It’s good to let go.”

“2020 took me by surprise; I really got stuck creatively,” Cooper said. “2022 is promising some new directions for me. What started as an escape from dealing with hard decisions evolved into an ebbing tide of passion. I enjoy creating. I’m never sullen when I paint. Painting and the opportunities and few friends that have come along with it just feel like home to me. You never feel like a second-class citizen around artists because we are just so damn happy for each other and to be out there making the world a more interesting place.”

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