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All Indiana Artist: Jeffrey Bowen aka ‘Llouie the Llama’

Jeffrey Bowen performs ‘Hey Hey Llouie’

This holiday season, move over, to Santa’s Reindeer, because the star of the show is none other than singer-actor-dancer Llouie the Llama.

Not only is he opening a six-week run of his live-action stage musical, but he’s also dropping an animated music video and introducing a brand-new dance.

Fans are invited to a premiere party to celebrate these exciting developments.

While Jeffrey Bowen was temporarily staying with family in Lafayette, Indiana, he spotted a llama at a nearby farm that piqued his interest.

The llama, affectionately named Llouie, would often pop its head out of a charming little red barn, prompting Jeffrey to sing “Hey, hey, Llouie!” as he drove past.

This endearing encounter served as the inspiration for the opening track of Jeffrey Bowen’s album “Frivolous.”

Now, he’s transformed Llouie’s story into a full-length original musical titled “Llouie the Llama’s Winter Adventure: Lost in the Woods,” set to run from November 24th to December 31st at the Lilly Theater within the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

Additionally, Llouie is taking the spotlight in an original animated video, skillfully produced by Jacob Vinson of Bosart Studios in Indianapolis.

To add to the festivities, there’s a special event planned – the “Llouie the Llama’s Music Video Premiere Party,” happening on Saturday, November 25th, at 3:00 p.m. The celebration will take place at Maven Space, located at 433 N Capitol Ave., Suite 100, in downtown Indianapolis. While the event is free, space is limited, so attendees are encouraged to RSVP to

Llouie’s influence extends beyond music and theater; he’s also inspired a new line dance known as “The Llouie,” created by Jeffrey Bowen’s lifelong friend and former classmate, Mike Weaver. As if that weren’t enough, Llouie has even launched his own brand and merchandise line. To get your hands on llamawear and llamagear, be sure to check out his online shop.