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All Indiana Artist: Kara Cole

All Indiana Artist: Kara Cole performs “Mary Francis”

Kara Cole is a talented musician with a heartwarming story to tell through her music.

She pours her emotions into her heartfelt songs. One of her latest pieces, “Mary Francis,” is a touching tribute to her grandmother who battled Alzheimer’s and passed away in 2021.

Kara is on the verge of a significant milestone in her musical journey as she prepares to release her first self-titled EP on September 29th, featuring six emotionally charged tracks.

She’s also preparing for her album release party at Radio Radio on 10/20, and you can catch her performance at the Slippery Noodle on the same day in the evening.

Beyond music, Kara is deeply involved in addiction recovery, and she’s passionate about her work.

She recently celebrated six years of sobriety on August 27. and uses music as a coping mechanism to express and process her emotions.

Additionally, Kara is actively engaged in organizing the annual recovery walk, set to take place on Sept. 23. in Greenfield, showcasing her dedication to helping others on their journey to recovery.