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Art Squared Returns for its 10th Year to Fountain Fletcher District

10th Annual Art Squared

Art enthusiasts, mark your calendars: Art Squared is back, celebrating its impressive 10th year and ready to illuminate the lively and eccentric spirit of the Fountain Fletcher District. This annual extravaganza promises a whirlwind of creativity and fun with its four captivating events: Art Fair, Masterpiece in a Day, Block Party, and Art Parade.

The Fountain Fletcher District, known for its eclectic charm, has been a perfect canvas for Art Squared to flourish. With a decade of artistic excellence, this event has firmly established itself as a highlight of the district’s cultural calendar.

District Manager Laura Giffel joins “All Indiana,” bringing along some delightful small art pieces to offer a glimpse of what Art Squared has in store. These tiny masterpieces serve as enticing teasers for the main events, showcasing the incredible talent and creativity that the Fountain Fletcher District proudly nurtures.

Art Fair is a treasure trove of artistic creations where local artists and artisans display their work for all to admire and purchase, making it a haven for art collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Masterpiece in a Day challenges artists of all levels to craft their magnum opus within a mere 24 hours, highlighting the boundless potential of artistic expression.

Block Party ignites the district with energy as it transforms into a hub of music, food, and community camaraderie.

Art Parade concludes the festivities with a colorful procession of artistic floats, performers, and enthusiasts, captivating onlookers and inviting them to join in the celebration.

For more details and to immerse yourself in the world of Art Squared, visit Get ready for a vibrant and whimsical journey through the Fountain Fletcher District as Art Squared returns with its 10th-year extravaganza.