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Ashley Nicole Soprano hosts holiday show at The Cat in Carmel

The sounds of Christmas come to The Cat in Carmel

Ashley Nicole Soprano, a Butler University graduate and classically trained vocalist, gears up to usher in the holiday season with a special performance at The Cat Theatre in Carmel later this month. The event, titled “Ashley Nicole Soprano Presents: Holiday & More,” features Soprano alongside special guest Ashton Wolf, promising an evening filled with lively and dramatic performances sure to infuse audiences with the spirit of the holidays.

Soprano expresses excitement about returning to The Cat Theatre for this Christmas special. When asked about her inspirations for holiday performances, she reflected on the diverse influences that shape her artistry, drawing from various genres and styles that resonate during this festive time.

Regarding her collaboration with Ashton Wolf, Soprano highlighted their synergy onstage, emphasizing how their contrasting styles complement each other, promising a dynamic and engaging experience for the audience.

Describing The Cat Theatre’s setting during “Holiday & More,” Soprano emphasized the venue’s unique atmosphere, creating an immersive experience that enhances the holiday spirit for attendees.

When asked about her all-time favorite Christmas song, Soprano shared her personal affection for a classic tune, adding to the anticipation for a diverse repertoire during the upcoming show.

For those interested in attending “Holiday & More” at The Cat Theatre on November 30 and December 1, ticket details and showtimes are available on the venue’s website,