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Barbie solar system project; Father’s Day spending to top $22B: Is This Anything?

Father’s Day spending; Barbie solar system project: Is this Anything?

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Kid’s Barbie solar system science project goes viral

A nine-year-old Colorado student’s science project has gone viral, capturing the internet’s attention with its creativity. Alice Hayes was tasked with creating a solar system display for school and chose to represent the sun and nine planets using Barbie dolls, each dressed in outfits she hand-crafted to highlight the unique features of the planets. Mars, for example, is represented with its distinct crimson color, Saturn with its signature rings, and Jupiter with its famous red spot.

Alice’s mother shared that her daughter crafted the project almost entirely on her own. The TikTok video of her display has garnered over 1.4 million views, attracting rave reviews from fashion-centric fans, including American Eagle and The Met, glowing marks from the Girl Scouts of America, and even a shoutout from Barbie herself.

Alice’s project demonstrates a blend of creativity and scientific knowledge, hinting at a bright future in astronomy, fashion, or any field she chooses to pursue.

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Consumer Watch: Father’s Day spending to top $22B

Father’s Day is this weekend, and there’s still time to find the perfect gift. According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), consumers are expected to spend an average of $189.81 per person on gifts and celebrations this year, with total spending projected to reach $22.4 billion. Although slightly down from last year, this figure remains significantly higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Katherine Cullen, Vice President of Industry and Consumer Insights at the NRF, noted, “Even as we’re seeing broader retail spending go back to pre-pandemic norms, we’re still seeing elevated spending on these holidays and special events.”

The most popular gifts for Dad this year include clothes, special outings like sporting events, gift cards, and personal care items such as beard trimmers. New areas of gifting, such as sporting goods, leisure items, automotive accessories, and home improvement tools, are also gaining popularity.

Cullen advised that many retailers began offering discounts after Memorial Day, so shoppers should keep an eye out for sales to save on spending.

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