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Boutique-style adoption agency offers holistic service

Boutique-style adoption agency offers holistic service

In honor of National Adoption Month, founders Greg and Julie Menefee of Courageous Hearts Adoption and Agency Director Sara Baker are shining a spotlight on their highly successful “boutique-style non-profit adoption agency” based in Greenwood, IN.

As they mark their 4th Anniversary, they’re celebrating an extraordinary period of growth, with a remarkable 171% increase in family and birth mother matches over the past year, resulting in 11 children finding loving and secure homes in 2023.

It’s a heartwarming testament to their commitment to building families and changing lives.

Find out more in the USA Today article, “Domestic Adoption in America: Navigating the Process with Courageous Hearts Adoptions,” and the full press release on Courageous Hearts Adoptions’ 4th Anniversary during National Adoption Month.