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‘BUTTER’ Fine Art Festival returns Labor Day Weekend


The highly anticipated BUTTER Fine Art Festival is making its triumphant return this Labor Day Weekend, showcasing a harmonious blend of artistic brilliance and equitable representation. BUTTER Director Deonna Craig sat down with our hosts to provide an exclusive glimpse into the event’s offerings and its profound impact on the art community.

With its third iteration on the horizon, BUTTER continues to redefine art fairs in America, positioning itself as a beacon of equitable representation within the art world. As recently featured on the cover of “The New York Times” Arts + Culture section, BUTTER’s commitment to championing the care and economic prosperity of Black visual artists remains unwavering.

BUTTER’s unique approach sets it apart—100 percent of the exhibiting artworks are slated for sale or loan, with the entirety of the proceeds directed to the artists themselves. This groundbreaking arrangement is made possible through the dedication of generous sponsors and the efforts of over 200 creatives and volunteers who breathe life into the festival.

This year’s festival, taking place from August 31 to September 3, promises an engaging experience that transcends the conventional art fair. Embracing diversity and inclusion, BUTTER’s spotlight shines brightly on Black visual artists and celebrates creatives of all stripes. Attendees can anticipate a captivating blend of fine art exhibitions, live music performances, invigorating discussions, history tours, and free access for students.

The festival’s I Made Rock ‘N’ Roll Performance Stage promises to be a melting pot of musical talents, featuring artists like KINFOLK, Django Knight, Van Hunt, and many others. Throughout the four-day event, the stage will pulsate with energy, offering a dynamic backdrop to the festivities.

Moreover, the Indiana Humanities Conversation Stage will host a series of insightful panel discussions. From artist Q&A sessions to explorations of Afrofuturism and NFTs, these conversations promise to ignite intellectual curiosity and foster meaningful dialogues.

As BUTTER’s influence grows, it continues to foster an environment where creative entrepreneurs emerge as true heroes. Co-founder and curator Mali Bacon highlights the meticulous curation that ensures each moment of the festival resonates with visitors, cultivating a profound and lasting connection with the artwork.

With a roster of performance artists, conversation panelists, and DJs, BUTTER’s third edition showcases the talents of those with ties to Indianapolis and beyond. The festival’s commitment to artistic excellence, equity, and community engagement sets a high bar for the future of art festivals.

So mark your calendars and prepare to embark on a journey of artistry, diversity, and inclusivity this Labor Day Weekend at the iconic Stutz building in Indianapolis. BUTTER Fine Art Festival is more than just an event—it’s a testament to the power of art to shape narratives and change lives.