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Celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Veggie Month with Market Wagon!

In June, we celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month!

To honor this month of observance, co-founder of Market Wagon and owner of Mud Creek Farm Nick Carter joins Alexis and Cody to talk all things fresh food!

Nick Carter grew up in rural Indiana, so he always had a love for farming. After marrying his wife Kendra and having three children, Nick was ready to start his own family farm. They moved to their current homestead in 2018, and have since converted the empty plot into a productive farm!

Market Wagon is an online farmer’s market that is making grocery shopping more innovative. Starting in Indianapolis back in 2016, the service now operates local food delivery hubs across the Midwest. They’re committed to allowing food producers to thrive in their local markets through consumer-friendly shopping and delivery services. The online market features fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, desserts, and more that come from local vendors across central Indiana!

With weekly deliveries every Thursday, Market Wagon is committed to keeping pantries fresh and stocked for Hoosiers! If you’re interested in shopping from Nick and his family’s farm, Mud Creek Farm appears on the site!