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Chef Tawana Gulley’s culinary bootcamp: Empowering students through cooking

Local Chef & Group giving back to the community

Chef Tawana Gulley of Healthy Soul at the AMP at 16 Tech is giving students opportunities she says she didn’t have growing up.

She has partnered with Dee Dee Moore from TeenWorks to offer a culinary boot camp this summer.

This program called the Culinary Art Summer Bootcamp in Indianapolis, has made a big difference in the lives of the people involved.

The Culinary Art Summer Bootcamp has several goals:

  1. Teaching Culinary Skills: Chef Tawana and Dee Dee want to equip young people with essential cooking skills. This includes learning how to prepare and cook different types of food.
  2. Educating on the Food Industry: The program also aims to educate students about the food industry. They learn about different careers in the field and what it takes to succeed.
  3. Promoting Health and Wellness: Another important goal is to instill a passion for health and wellness. The students learn about healthy eating and how to promote it in their communities.

The Culinary Art Summer Bootcamp has had a profound impact on its participants.

By learning new skills and gaining knowledge about the food industry, students become more confident and prepared for the future.

They also develop a passion for healthy cooking, which they can share with their families and communities.

Chef Tawana Gulley and Dee Dee Moore’s efforts are important because they provide young people with valuable opportunities.

The boot camp helps students gain skills and knowledge that can lead to successful careers. It also encourages them to live healthier lives and to promote wellness in their communities.

In summary, the Culinary Art Summer Bootcamp, led by Chef Tawana Gulley and supported by Dee Dee Moore, is making a positive impact on the lives of young people in Indianapolis.

Through this program, students are gaining essential culinary skills, learning about the food industry, and developing a passion for health and wellness.