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Comedian Craig Robinson visits All Indiana

Actor Craig Robinson visits All Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)- Comedian Craig Robinson, best known as Darrell Philbin on “The Office”, visited the ALL INDIANA set.

Robinson was in Indianapolis doing shows at The Helium Comedy Club.

He stopped by the set to talk about his career and play some games.

Robinson combines his love of music with his love of comedy to create a one of a kind show.

Hailing from Chicago, he has visited and performed in Indy several times over his career.

Robinson rose to fame with his role in “The Office”. He also starred in the cult classic “Hot Tub Time Machine” and has a reoccurring role in the sitcom “Brooklyn 99”.

Robinson recently attended an event at the Apollo Theater in New York, honoring his hometown legend, Babyface. “It was awesome. Mary J. Blige and Clive Davis spoke. It was great to be there to support,” he said.

When asked about performing in front of tough crowds, Robinson admitted he has faced challenging audiences. “Early in my career, I performed for high school kids who were ruthless. It was a learning experience,” he said.

Robinson’s fans can expect a unique comedy show. “It’s like reverse forced karaoke,” he described. The shows promise to deliver Robinson’s signature humor and engaging performance style.