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Community partners host Thanksgiving meal drive-thru for families in need

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two organizations teamed up to host an eight-hour Thanksgiving Meal Drive Thru on Wednesday for families in need, especially those who have babies to feed.

Families on Wednesday received a Thanksgiving meal to-go prepared by the Café Baby kitchen, and the nonprofit The Little Timmy Project brought diapers and formula. According to the two organizations, 88 families registered, which gave them a total of 250 meal boxes to hand out.

“Our family had an idea to offer this to families in the community who may have not been able to provide a Thanksgiving meal for their family,” Café Baby co-founder, Jeannie Marrugo, said.

“We’ve been friends with Café Baby since we got started,” Steffany Stoeffler said. “She told us what she was thinking of doing and we got this overabundant amount of diapers from the community. Now’s the time to do as much on your local level as you possibly can.”

“With Thanksgiving being so different this year, people just need love right now and that’s part of our responsibility as a local business,” Marrugo said. “Just to love on people.”

Watch a Facebook video to hear more from the ladies behind the project.