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Country sensation Alexander Roman set to charm Hoosiers

Talking with country crooner Roman Alexander

Get ready for a musical treat as Alexander Roman, the country sensation who’s been making waves in the industry, joins “All Indiana.” With a knack for creating hits that resonate with audiences nationwide, Roman is poised to captivate viewers with his soulful performances and remarkable journey.

Roman’s meteoric rise in the music scene is undeniable. Named one of Spotify’s Hot Country Artists to Watch in 2021, he has solidified his position as one of the longest-running independent artists on Spotify’s coveted Hot Country playlist. His sultry voice effortlessly navigates the realms of slow, seductive ballads and high-energy party anthems, earning him over 66 million streams on the platform.

But Roman’s influence extends beyond his own music. He’s been the creative force behind other artists’ success, notably co-penning the chart-topping hit “Party Mode” for Dustin Lynch. His songwriting prowess has left an indelible mark on the country music landscape.

Known for his earnest and confident performances, Roman has garnered acclaim from both industry insiders and dedicated fans. Viral hits like “Trying Not To” with Alanna Springsteen and the duet “Between You and Me” with Ashley Cooke, which soared to the Top 10 on Rolling Stone’s Trending 25 chart, have only bolstered his reputation.

Opening for renowned acts such as Sam Hunt, Old Dominion, Billy Currington, and more, Roman has showcased his talent to audiences across the nation. His ability to connect with crowds through his heartfelt music and magnetic stage presence has won over legions of fans.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the enchanting sounds of Roman. Watch their appearance on “All Indiana” and let his music and story sweep you off your feet as he continues his ascent to the pinnacle of country music.

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