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Couple writes activity book for family bonding

Today, we are thrilled to have Jay & Laura Laffoon, the authors of “Ultimate Dad Night,” join us via Zoom. They are here to share their invaluable tips and tricks for bringing families closer together without relying on technology. With their creative ideas and thoughtful insights, they aim to help families strengthen their bonds and create lasting memories through meaningful, technology-free activities.

The authors of “Ultimate Dad Night,” Jay & Laura Laffoon, have crafted an exceptional guide that transcends the boundaries of traditional family advice. Through their insightful Zoom session today, they share their collective wisdom to help families nurture stronger bonds, create cherished memories, and foster love and togetherness—all without the interference of technology. It is a testament to their passion for family life and their genuine desire to empower families to thrive in this ever-evolving digital era. So, let us embark on this journey of intentional unplugging and embark on the path to building lasting and meaningful connections with our loved ones. The magic of “Ultimate Dad Night” awaits us all.