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Dominique Side’s Guide to a Vegan-Friendly Thanksgiving

Changing the perception of veganism, redefining it

Dominique Side, a notable vegan influencer (@vgnbaedom), offers invaluable insights on navigating Thanksgiving while accommodating vegan guests. With her expertise as an artist, serial entrepreneur, and influential figure in the vegan fashion and lifestyle realm, Dominique emphasizes the significance of making Thanksgiving inclusive for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences.

For vegans attending holiday gatherings, Dominique advocates proactive communication. Expressing dietary needs and preferences beforehand can aid hosts in preparing suitable options. She advises vegans to offer assistance or recipe suggestions, ensuring they have enjoyable, plant-based alternatives during the feast.

As for hosts, Dominique encourages openness and curiosity. Understanding the fundamentals of veganism and exploring diverse plant-based recipes can foster a welcoming environment. Incorporating veggie-centric dishes or exploring meat substitutes demonstrates thoughtfulness and inclusivity.

Dominique’s approach revolves around dispelling misconceptions about veganism. She emphasizes the abundance of delicious, diverse, and satisfying plant-based options available. By showcasing her experiences through social media and her ventures in vegan entrepreneurship, Dominique challenges stereotypes, proving that a vegan lifestyle is vibrant, enjoyable, and inclusive.

Her boutique vegan grocery store, luxury vegan clothing line “Nikki Green,” and involvement in an eco-friendly music studio illustrate the creative and versatile facets of vegan living. With over 90,000 followers on Instagram, Dominique influences others by showcasing the fun and diverse aspects of veganism.

In essence, Dominique Side advocates for a Thanksgiving table where all dietary preferences are celebrated. Her expertise and passion for veganism transcend limitations, fostering an environment where guests, regardless of their food choices, feel appreciated and welcome. Through education, collaboration, and a spirit of openness, she aims to redefine perceptions surrounding veganism, promoting an inclusive and enjoyable holiday experience for all.