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Dying Defiantly: Charitable organization helps terminally diagnosed patients

Marshall Morris, an Indiana man and Army veteran, is a terminally ill cancer patient battling stage-4 liver cancer.

On top of his diagnosis, he has created a charitable organization to help other terminally ill patients.

The organization is called “Dying Defiantly.” It was started to help terminally ill patients and their families deal with the ups and downs of their sickness, especially in the final days.

In search of funding for his organization, Morris entered the “Dream Chopper Giveaway”.

The “Dream Chopper Giveaway” by Orange County Choppers gives voters a chance to win a bike. The competition started with 78,000 people across the United States and Canada.

Morris plans on auctioning off the bike for charity funding if he wins the competition.

Voting is now closed for giveaways and the winner will be revealed on Friday, May 26. Marshall was in first place to receive the prize.