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Eskew Law to roll out safe driving program

Carey York, an esteemed criminal defense attorney at Eskew Law, joined us in an effort to promote safe driving during the upcoming holiday. With the 4th of July just around the corner, Eskew Law is taking proactive measures to encourage responsible behavior on the roads. As part of their campaign, the law firm is offering ride-share reimbursement to individuals who choose not to drive under the influence, aiming to reduce the risk of accidents and keep communities safe during the festive period.

Carey York’s presence in this initiative highlights Eskew Law’s commitment to advocating for responsible driving practices. As an experienced attorney specializing in criminal defense, York is well-versed in the legal consequences and potential dangers associated with impaired driving. York shared important insights and tips on how to make responsible choices this holiday season, emphasizing the importance of utilizing ride-share services to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. Eskew Law’s ride-share reimbursement offer serves as a valuable incentive, encouraging individuals to prioritize responsible transportation options and ultimately contributing to safer roads for everyone to enjoy this 4th of July.