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Experience Italian flavors at Taste of Indy 2024

Experience Italian flavors at Taste of Indy 2024

Iozzo’s Garden of Italy, a popular Italian restaurant, is excited to bring its delicious food to Taste of Indy, the state’s largest food festival.

Kathy Jone, the Director of Culinary Operations at Iozzo’s, and Jonathan Warren from Taste of Indy joined us to share more about the event. Kathy is well-known for her amazing cooking skills, especially her tasty Italian dishes that people love.

At the festival, Kathy will be preparing and serving their famous lasagna, allowing visitors to enjoy a special treat from Iozzo’s.

Taste of Indy is a celebration of the state’s wide variety of food, and this year’s event is expected to be the best yet.

Whether you love Italian food or just like trying new dishes, be sure to check out Iozzo’s Garden of Italy at Taste of Indy.

Enjoy the delicious lasagna and find out more about the exciting foods and activities at the state’s biggest food festival. It’s a great opportunity to taste different cuisines and have a fun time with family and friends.