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Exploring doctor-patient relationships in book, ‘What Our Patients Have Taught Us’

Physician reflects on patient’s impact in memoir

Author of “What Our Patients Have Taught Us,” Dr. Richard Feldman, joined us Friday afternoon to share the significance of his latest work.

The featured story collection, penned by physicians, explores the profound impact patients have on their doctors.

The book delves into narratives illustrating how specific patients enriched the lives of their physicians, inspiring personal growth and imparting valuable lessons about life and the medical profession. Dr.

Feldman’s work is a collaborative effort, drawing contributions from over 70 invited authors, predominantly physicians, resident physicians, and medical students.

The motivation behind this unique exploration of doctor-patient relationships stems from a desire to highlight the often-overlooked perspective of how patients positively influence and affect the physicians entrusted with their care.

The hope is that the book will remind healthcare professionals of the true rewards of their professions and reinforce public confidence in the humanity of physicians amid the evolving landscape of healthcare.

Dr. Feldman’s fascination with the power of storytelling celebrates the richness patients bring to the doctor-patient relationship.