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Family behind ‘Oggles’ talks new creations for kids

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH)– The last time the Markelz family was a guest on All Indiana they were launching a business behind an innovative idea called “Oggles”

Lindsey and Andy Markelz say the project started when their son, Kai, was irritated with soap getting in his eyes during bath time. They decided to create strapless goggles with fun animal-themed designs. After the idea sparked some major interest at the Innovation Connector’s BIG Idea Pitch in Muncie, the family decided to run with it.

Since then, they’ve been selling online, at farmer’s markets and festivals.

Lindsey reflected on how things have been for the Markelz family since Oggles launched. “It’s been a full family project,” she said. “Seeing Kai’s idea come to life has just been really exciting for all of us.”

During their interview with Randall Newsome, the family revealed that some interest from older kids motivated them to expand. “At first, they were just for little kids at bathtime, but older kids saw them in the markets and wanted to use them in the pool,” Andy said.

Now, with new ideas flooding in like “Sharkoggles,” they’re hoping to expand from online shopping and get into retail stores. Lindsey also said she looks forward to giving Kai and his little sister, Tiana, more ways to be innovative as they learn about the ins and outs of entrepreneurship.

Oggles also has a sale going on for the holidays. Click HERE for more.