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Five Points Kennels treats front-line workers to free pet care day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Five Points Kennels is giving front-line workers, who are also dog owners, a chance to give their pets a spa day for free.

“They’ll get a bath, their nails trim, a blowout service, a brush out service and they get their hair conditioned as well,” owner, Ann Price said.

If your dog doesn’t need grooming, they can also enjoy a free play day at their K-9 playschool.

“It’s a great option for the front-line workers who are working crazy hours right now,” said co-owner and manager, Lauren Damaree. “They can bring their dog to us and they can get off work and come home to a tired pup that’s ready for bed along with them.”

From 7 a.m. until close at 7 p.m. health care workers and first responders can bring their furry family members to Five Points Kennells on the southeast side of Indianapolis at 3729 Five Points Road. People at Five Points say the event is just a way to show a token of appreciation for their efforts to keep people safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re glad we can take that burden off of the owners and give something back to them,” Damaree said.

The free pet care service event is only happening Wednesday.

For more information call 317-351-0511 or visit their website.

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